03 February 2014

a SUPER weekend!


Halmoni & Hapajee came to visit us in our new home and we had a lovely time together. I love the cultural experience the girls receive when they get to visit with my parents. For example, in addition to learning some new words in Korean, they also enjoyed eating roasted seaweed wraps filled with marinated beef, steamed rice, and kimchee. The girls have also mastered the art of picking up every last grain of rice in their bowls with their chopsticks. Such fun and sweet memories.


photo (1)

Sunday brought church followed by an afternoon of playing with their new friends. They biked, they scootered, and they played tag until they were out of breath and their sides hurt. Good times.

Usually on Sundays, I try to make a comfort meal so in honor of the Superbowl (which we did not watch) we had crockpot turkey chili with sweet cornbread muffins. Talk about hitting the spot!

Hope your weekend was Super as well!

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