30 January 2014

ocean: day two

Santa Mon 2 004A

We visited the Santa Monica Aquarium on the pier.


Santa Mon 2 006A

The girls enjoyed the touch tanks.


Santa Mon 2 020A


Santa Mon 2 021A


Santa Mon 2 024A

A Sunflower Sea Star magnified.


Santa Mon 2 025A

Coral, up close.


Santa Mon 2 030A

“Watch out, Faith!!”


Santa Mon 2 031A

Silly girls. :)


Santa Mon 2 041


Santa Mon 2 043A

Yay, daddy’s done with work and he can play now!


Santa Mon 2 044


Santa Mon 2 042A

We loved having dinner at Gilbert’s de Indio, our favorite hole in the wall Mexican place on Pico.


Santa Mon 2 048A

Me and dimples.


Santa Mon 2 055A

We rode all the way to Venice on a cold and cloudy morning. Burrrr….


Santa Mon 2 062A


Santa Mon 2 064A

And the girls enjoyed all the parks along the way.


Santa Mon 2 068A

Girls’ favorite activity today: BIKE RIDING ALONG THE BEACH!

I used to work in Santa Monica and drive down PCH from Malibu every day. Needless to say, there are some things I miss about LA life and some things I truly don’t.

I miss: the OCEAN. my skin being softer. Whole Foods Market. the Dodgers. And great Mexican food. It’s been 7 years since Morgan and I ate at Gilbert’s and they remembered us when we walked in the other night! Nothing in that place has changed one bit. Not even the servers. It was perfect.

I do NOT miss: the traffic. the congestion. the lifestyle. the lack of friendliness. anything about LA, really. frizzy hair. the cold-- yes, to us thin-blooded desert rats, we were down right FREEZING most of the time. I know, go ahead and laugh.

note to self: must invest in some winter clothes one of these years.

Coming back to LA after 7.5 years was a bit of an eye opening experience. Our lives have changed so much since then. We are no longer hip young professionals (were we ever?) LOL. We are now blessed with a growing family and a community of friends and relationships we value dearly.

There’s nothing like a trip to your past to remind you of how very grateful you are of your present.

Ocean, or no ocean. ;)

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