30 January 2014

A quick trip to the ocean

Santa Monica 014A

The beach cottage where we stayed.


Santa Monica 001


Santa Monica 012A

Breakfast on Ocean Blvd.


Santa Monica 006A

I’m happy she REALLY enjoyed that $6 glass of fresh squeezed OJ. :)


Santa Monica 011A

Yes, I did pay $12 for 2 glasses of OJ but to my defense, the prices of OJ were not published on the menu… ah, I should have known when the oatmeal was $8! Ha!


Santa Monica 021A

Collecting seashells.


Santa Monica 023

Muscle Beach.


Santa Monica 045


Santa Monica 048A

The many colors of the boardwalk.


Santa Monica 049A


Santa Monica 050A

On the Pier.


Santa Monica 053A

Ferris Wheel at Pacific Park.


Santa Monica 059A


Santa Monica 071A


Santa Monica 072A

They wanted to sneak up quietly on this bird so they could take a good look at its feet.


Santa Monica 073A

She got so very close!


Santa Monica 082A

Best Buds.


Santa Monica 084A


Santa Monica 087A

Looking for more sea treasures.


Santa Monica 089A


Santa Monica 096A

Daddy had some business in Santa Monica for a couple of days so naturally, the girls and I tagged along. We didn’t want to be away from him, even for a couple of days. Plus, any opportunity to be near the ocean is one we’ll always take.

We had originally booked a hotel room but decided to rent a little cottage, just steps from beach instead. The girls loved the little house and enjoyed all the walking and exploration.

Girls’ favorite activity today: BEACHCOMBING!

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