22 August 2013

Homemade Flower Cards

tea party & art 074
These turned out even more adorable than expected! Who doesn’t love a homemade card?

tea party & art 013
First, the girls painted watercolors on plain white paper (front and back). A two step process but watercolors dry quickly.

tea party & art 020
These are the 4 colors we chose.

tea party & art 030
Then we traced circles in 3 sizes (big, medium and small).

tea party & art 037
Next, the girls cut out the circles.

tea party & art 039
For added texture or a 3D effect, they crumbled up each “petal”.

tea party & art 050
Grace was simply using the “sticking her thumb in the center” method. That worked nicely, too!

tea party & art 056
All the petals.

tea party & art 055
Then we found some old buttons and jewels for the center of the flowers.

tea party & art 061
Glue each layer.

tea party & art 062
The flowers are ready!

tea party & art 065
Draw a stem and some grass onto scrapbook paper and glue the flower to the top. This one happens to match Faith’s shirt!

tea party & art 069
Pretty as a flower!

tea party & art 077
It seems like we’re always in need of thank you cards around here-- not that I’m not complaining at all. That just means we have SO MUCH IN LIFE TO BE THANKFUL FOR!!
I personally love sending out a handwritten note. It seems like the written word is a dying art anymore but I’m determined to carry on my joy for expressing gratitude with my pen and a forever stamp.
Over the years, my kids have learned to love it, too! And that just warms my heart.
The girls usually like to make homemade cards that include their artwork but these flower cards were a fun project as well.

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