22 August 2013

Artist Spotlight: Vincent Van Gogh


Faith’s version of Van Gogh’s most famous work, “Starry Night”.


*the original.

















Grace’s version of Van Gogh’s, “Sunflowers”.


*the original.

Everyday seems like art day around here (the girls LOVE creating art) but I’ve designated some time on Wednesdays to focus specifically on art, different artists, drawing, painting, projects, and anything else that comes to mind, creatively speaking.

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)

  • Vincent Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands.
  • His earliest career aspiration was to be a pastor in the Dutch Reformed Church like his father and grandfather.
  • Although he enjoyed drawing as a young boy, he didn’t decide to devote himself completely to art until around age 27.
  • Vincent sold only one painting during his lifetime and only became famous after his death.
  • Vincent committed himself to a mental hospital and it was there, he painted one of his most famous paintings, Starry Night.    
  • Vincent did not cut off his ear. He only cut off a small portion of his ear lobe after an argument with fellow painter and friend, Paul Gaugin. He then wrapped up the ear in a cloth and presented it to a woman as a “gift”.

The girls thought that last fact was both strange and hilarious all at the same time.

I’d have to agree.

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