20 August 2013

Poetry Tea Time Tuesdays

Poetry tea time


Tea time

We’ve started a new weekly tradition in our home. It combines two very lovely things… tea and poetry!

This past week, I spent some time getting my mind (and heart) in order about what I wanted to focus on during the “school” year for the girls. Typically, I’m not a person who has specific plans each and everyday but with the addition of a new little one to our family (sometime soon), I figured I should probably have some kind of “plan” or “schedule” going forward.

Consequently, without sacrificing too much of our freedom, I’ve designated daily, albeit general focuses.

Tuesday’s focus: Reading

I am blown away by how well the girls are reading these days. They have a voracious appetite for books and can often be seen with their noses in them.

Poetry Tea Time is a fun activity that only takes about 30 minutes. Although some days, I can see us lingering a bit longer… especially when the weather gets cooler outside. It’s really perfect because the girls love getting dressed up and setting the table for tea. They’re also enjoying the broadened imagination and language poetry so often brings.

This is definitely one of those many sweet traditions I hope the girls will fondly remember as they grow older.

Today, we shared together lovely poetry, joyful giggles, yummy cookies, and Emily Dickenson.

“Emily Dickenson wrote about hope, as well as flowers, birds, people, life, and death—ordinary things. She chose to spend day after day in the same house, doing the same things—ordinary, seemingly unimportant things—for she seemed to know that there are wonderful possibilities in the most ordinary life if we just take notice.” (Hmm, I can somehow relate!)

“To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” ~Emily Dickenson

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