27 June 2013

Crazy Hair and Water Balloons

Crazy Hair & Water Balloons 007


Crazy Hair & Water Balloons 008A


Crazy Hair & Water Balloons 012


Crazy Hair & Water Balloons 015


Crazy Hair & Water Balloons 016


Crazy Hair & Water Balloons 019A


Crazy Hair & Water Balloons 026A

Of course crazy hair and water balloons go together… Don’t they? 

Honestly, that’s what I love about summer.

I seem to say yes more often. As a matter of fact, I like me better in the summer.

The funny part is we actually homeschool all year but we learn the most, during these summer months.

I think it’s because mentally, spiritually (and physically), we’re living more during these months. And in between the living that’s happening, there’s always growth, fun, and fantastic new memories being made.

Rather than complain about our intense desert heat, instead, I’m choosing to be grateful.

Grateful that we get to be in “summer mode” from about Memorial Day to late September.

Grateful for the privilege and utter JOY of staying home with my children!

Grateful that the words, “Back to School” are non-existent in our world.

And grateful for fun afternoons filled with laughter, giggles, cherry limeade, crazy hair and water balloons.

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