30 June 2017

Friday Faves

 Happy Friday, friends!!
First up, the girls started their knitting sessions with Monique this week and they had a blast together! They've always loved knitting (they do this to keep their hands busy while listening to audio books) but truly, they were self-taught. It was time to learn some basics and improve on their skills.
And that's exactly what Monique (and her mom, Patricia) has done for them.
They can't wait for more sessions!

 I bought tickets for the girls and I to go to "Summer in the Psalms" at our church Monday night and I have to say, this was definitely a favorite part of my week. Unfortunately, Grace started feeling a little under the weather so she didn't end up making it but Faith and I really enjoyed our one and one time together.
It was such a special night of worship with a powerful and encouraging message.
I'm so happy I got to share it with one of my sweet girls!

That brings me to another one of my favorite things from that night. This beautiful One Year Bible, complete with art journaling. They were selling them that night and Faith (who never asks me to buy anything for her) asked if I could buy it for her. Art journaling is so her thing so how could I say no?
I ended up buying THREE, one for each of us girls. 😄

 Faith started coloring the inside of her bible.

Here's an example of one of the days.

 Speaking of example, Morgan's been a great example to all of us by reading his One Year Bible every morning.

 Here's Grace, reading her new bible on the couch.

 And Faith, reading hers and taking notes in the other room. I just LOVE how everyone sits with their bible first thing and has their own quiet time in God's word. And then we keep each other accountable.
Definitely a FAVORITE new thing!

 Even Zach has his own bible time! I've been thrilled with these One Sentence Storybooks. They are 10 mini-books in a boxed set and this particular one is Bible Heroes. It's been a wonderful introduction to the bible for my toddler. It keeps him engaged, actively participating, and he already knows all the stories!  

 I typically go over a few stories a day with him and he loves it.
He even enjoys and "reads" them all by himself.

The girls and I are half way through this joint bible study and I must say, so far, the time we spend together discussing the questions and answers have been some of my favorite sweet moments of the summer. Faith and Grace are just growing into such mature, wise, special little ladies.
What a joy it is to be their mom. Glory to God!   

And because it's totally normal to go from talking bibles to lipstick... Right?!
Have any of you tried LipSense yet? My girlfriend, Janette recently became a distributor so I tried it for the first time this week. I must say, I'm a BIG fan! Gotta love lipstick that stays on ALL DAY and doesn't budge! No joke! I'm hosting a little demo party for Janette and some girlfriends tomorrow.
Should be so much fun! Can't wait!

And last but not least, the countdown is on as this little cutie spends his last week as a two year old. Ready or not! THREE, here he comes! Needless to say, I'm enjoying every snuggle and kiss I can get. 😊😄 

And that's it!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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