12 May 2017

Friday Faves

Happy Friday, friends!
It should be a beautiful weekend and I can't wait to get it started!

Once a month, Melissa and I get together for a Saturday morning sunrise hike. We love our time together because it's our chance to catch up, talk deeply, laugh out loud, and of course, get in some great exercise.
We both love to eat but at this point in our lives, we figured we'd be better off meeting to climb a mountain than to sit on our butts and stuff our faces. 😜😜  

This was at Co-op. Can you tell by his face, he loves to paint?  

This picture is a bit misleading because he actually does NOT like ice cream. #crazykid
Not sure if it's the dairy or the cold he doesn't like (although he likes ice). He stopped drinking milk at two so it might be the association he has to milk. Who knows? He likes cheese and yogurt so go figure.  
He's excited here because he's holding daddy's ice cream cone.

In his happy place (outside) doing his happy thing (scaring me to death).

Like I said... #crazykid.

Fearless. #prayforme

A cloudy, drizzly day and a big game of chess.

Last September, Morgan started running with me 3x's/week first thing in the morning and this is definitely one of my favorite things all week. The kids are still in bed so we sneak out together. It's almost like a mini-morning date. We catch up and talk about what's going on with life, work, kids, hopes, dreams, fears, etc. Morgan has always HATED running so you know he's only doing it for me. #nowthatslove
We were being silly here as to not show our early morning selves on camera.

Ok, here you go. Here's our sweaty, just got up, half-clothed, squinty selves! It must have been a warm morning because he usually leaves the house with more clothes on! 😲

So I've never been a big fan of sweets but as I get older, I've been craving a little dark chocolate every once in a while. These bark thins (from Costco) have everything I love in them! I keep mine in the freezer and treat myself to a piece or two now and then. So good!

I just love hearing the sound of my bigs reading to the little one. These are the days.

What happens by noon when you wake up an hour earlier than normal. #sleepingangel

I'm half way through my next book and so far, so good. I'm making a summer reading list JUST FOR ME. #saywhat  I'll share that next week!

A little afternoon chess.

I made these Strawberry Oatmeal Bars this week and they were a hit with everyone. I've made them quite a few times with strawberry. Next time, I think I'll try raspberry or blueberry. Tip: Only use HALF the amount of brown sugar. They are still plenty sweet!   

Coming downstairs and looking so handsome (and grown up!) for his CBS Spring Program.

He did great! He almost stayed on stage for both of his songs. He lasted for 3/4 of the time before he came down and found me in the audience. I'll take that as progress! Daddy had to hide in the back or he would've never lasted on stage. He was adorable up there, clapping and singing! Oh my heart!

The girls and their friends were awarded certificates of completion for studying the book of Daniel this year.

Daddy came to see the kids in their Spring program. The girls did a spectacular job of acting in their play. They played precious stones, Ruby and Emerald.  

#hallelujah #claimingthistruth

I'm off to spend the afternoon swimming with the kids and then we're grilling burgers for dinner tonight. #friyay

Wishing you a very special and blessed Mother's Day weekend!


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