05 May 2017

Friday Faves

It's Friday! Yay! We've got absolutely NOTHING planned this weekend and you know what? We're pretty excited about that! We've had what seems like some crazy busy weeks around here lately so downtime sounds terrifically divine! This week, I've got lots of favorites to share. Some of the photos could have probably been a post all by themselves (i.e. skate park) but for ease and lack of time, I've shoved them all in one humongous post. Ha!
You're welcome. 😄

That's one brave turtle. 🐢

 Turtles are so interesting.

 Faith, the turtle whisperer.

 Last weekend, we met my aunt and my mom for a picnic at Heritage Park in my hometown.

 This is a favorite park from my childhood and funny, that ship seemed SO MUCH BIGGER to me as a kid!

 We also stopped by Cameo's to get my hair did. Yes, that's his actual name and I've been going to him now for over 20 years! He's the best!

 I love how Pete, our worship leader at church is so kind to Zach and lets him come up on stage and play his instruments before and after service. Pete and his wife, Sierra are about to have their own son any day now.  

 Morgan's been taking Zach to the skate park and this particular night, we all tagged along. And let me tell you, it's his new favorite thing and he asks to go to the skate park EVERY DAY now.  

 Watching and learning.

 He doesn't know he's only TWO. #sheesh

 This kid would ride his bike all day/everyday if we let him.  

 His new happy place.

 Just one of the boys.

 There's precious cargo in there. #littlebrotherproblems

Picked up this Usborne book a while back and it's still one of his favorites because of the moving train.
Gotta love Usborne books!

 Any opportunity he gets to hop on something with wheels, he jumps on it. Literally!

I LOVED reading this IG post from Sarah at Read Aloud Revival this week.
What a great reminder about what a good education really means.

 One of the benefits of having a sister has got to be doing each other's hair.
These two are getting to be good at it. So pretty!

 Beautiful young ladies.

They are growing like spring flowers!

He's finally getting into Legos.

 He also likes to build them just so he can knock them down.

 Happiness is when daddy comes home an hour early from work to swim!

Enjoyed a weekday date night with the Mr. at the La Quinta Resort. Relaxed on the patio with a drink, chips and guacamole, and the music of the Inka Kings. Then we went to Misaki for sushi. 😜
#bliss #yesplease #maydate

Happy Weekend, friends!

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