25 April 2017

Hailey's Birthday Lunch!

 She chose Chinese food and the best place I know for Chinese in our desert is JOY.
(located inside the Fantasy Springs Resort).

Hailey & Karen.

 Janette, Melissa, and me.

 Jill and Janette.
You gotta love the lazy susan in authentic Chinese restaurants!

 Finally... 40!! 😄

 The lighting was awful in the restaurant but the ambiance and décor were great!

 The birthday girl leaving with all her goodies.

Of course, our sweet Jill made us all cake jars again and this one was definitely a favorite! It was the fluffiest coconut crème cake with lemon curd. My whole family enjoyed it! A perfect spring treat!

We had so much fun celebrating this dear friend of ours over the weekend. I've known Hailey now for over 10 years and she is undoubtedly, one of the best and dearest friends I've ever been blessed with. We've shared some of the greatest moments of our lives together. To know Hailey is to love her. She is so many things to many people. She is funny, generous, loving, outgoing, and wise. She's learning to be more transparent with her life and that's what draws you to her even more. She's a force to be reckoned with and inspires many with her heart for her family and most importantly, for the Lord.

It's so EASY to celebrate Hailey!

Happy birthday, my dear friend! What JOY you bring to my life. I love you, girl! 

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