10 March 2017

Friday Faves

Our week's been good!
We got a great report from Zach's eye doctor and we have lots of celebrating going on in our family.  

 Last weekend, we went to Azuza Pacific University to witness this thrilling, nail biting game.

Congrats to my big bro, Rich and his Royal team! #cifchamps

Enjoyed an early morning hike up to the cross with my soul sister, Melissa.

  Ready for church and just a little bit giddy.

My handsome boy!

 During the week, Morgan met us at the BNP Paribas Open. His office is practically across the street so we walked there.

 Tennis, anyone? #itsadesertthing

 Look at these two cuties.

He so wanted to kick that ball.

Instead of cake or cupcakes, the girls requested strawberry cheesecake for their upcoming birthday party. I decided to make individual versions and of course, I had to practice before the big day so I made these this week for their adoption day. They were yummy!

 My favorite breakfast lately is a bowl of brussel sprouts, smoked salmon, and a poached egg. I'll also try to eat some berries or a banana and I'm good to go!

For lunch, I've been loving these fish/grain/veggie bowls. I use tilapia or salmon, a small handful of quinoa, farro, or brown rice, and then a colorful mix of raw veggies. A little EVOO and a squeeze of lemon over the whole thing. I can eat this 4 times a week and I'm very happy!

Hallelujah for skirt season! I don't know about you but I am SO over the skinny jean look! In protest, I bought a pair of bell bottoms the other day. 😄 Although I love a maxi skirt, my favorite skirt length has got to be the classic midi. So feminine and yet so versatile.

And last but not least, this doormat gave me a chuckle. #truth #lovemesomesomechipandjo

Enjoy your weekend!

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