20 January 2017

Seventy Five

He would've been 75 this week. Seventy five isn't all that old anymore. He had so much fight left in him, even though his body proved otherwise. I've been putting off writing this post all week. Writing it all down just makes me have to acknowledge, he is no longer with us. Yet I write for my kids, his beloved grandchildren. So they can look back one day and remember, too.

I miss you, dad.

 I wish you could be here to share in our lives. Your grandchildren brought you so much joy and pride. I miss seeing that grin on your face and the light that sparkled in your eyes when you were around them.  

I can't wait for the day where my faith becomes sight and I will get to see you smiling once again.

We met for a chilly outing at our happy place, his happy place to remember and share in my dad's memory.

Little Eleanor (grandbaby #7) bundled up tight.

Faith, Halmoni, and Elly.

The girls are all getting so big.

We had an apple crisp with a la mode on the side and sang Happy Birthday to Hapajee.

We warmed up and enjoyed hot chocolate, too.

We said hello to the gigantic sloppy pigs.

Or are they hogs?

Madi and Uncle Morgan.

Zach met a mini horse.

He's never met an animal he doesn't love.

Madi wasn't so sure.

Zach just wanted to kiss him (and poke his eye).

We wanted to take a picture before leaving but poor Zach still wanted to see the horse.

One more romp on the stairs.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

We love you and miss you dearly.

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