20 December 2016

Christmas baking with my girls

 Faith enjoyed dipping and sprinkling our molasses cookies.

 Grace preparing the dough for the Cake Mix Santa Cookies.

Ready to bake.

Making sweet memories with my girls.

 This little guy wanted to know why we were taking a picture without him.

 And it wouldn't be Christmas without Peppermint Fudge.

 All packed and ready to go. We fit about a dozen cookies in one box.

And that's a wrap for our day of Christmas baking!

We have some great neighbors so we like to bless them with a little something at Christmas. Again, baking is not my forte but I do it because sweets happen to be my girls' love language. Plus, I want to make special Christmas memories with them in the kitchen.

Every year, we make Peppermint Fudge but this year, I picked two very EASY cookies to add to our gift of goodies. I'm all about shortcuts so I used a bag of molasses cookie mix and decided to doctor it up. #noshame #thatshowiroll

We rolled them in cinnamon sugar and baked them as instructed. Then we dipped half of the cookie in white chocolate and sprinkled with crystals, making them look like snow. They came out so elegant looking and tasted divine! 

The kids and I like warm spices so to us, they tasted like gingerbread. Yum! These were Faith's favorites and maybe mine, too. I think I'll call them Molasses Snow Cookies.

The next cookie we made was out of white cake mix and chocolate chips. These were called Cake Mix Chocolate Chip Santa Cookies and they were super easy, too. I was going for a contrast in color to the dark fudge and molasses cookies so these were perfect. I may or may not have baked ours a little too long so some of the bottoms were browner than I would have liked. Thankfully, because of the cake mix, they were still super moist and soft. These were Grace's favorites.

And lastly, we made Easy Peppermint Fudge. I've been making this for a few years now and I love it because it only has 3 ingredients and requires NO BAKING. Which basically means, I can't mess it up!

Peppermint Fudge just screams Christmas!

We even delivered some goodies to our favorite librarian, Ms. Mandy. She's always so kind to us and has the biggest heart for Jesus. She also happens to be Zach's teacher at CBS. 😃

I read something the other day that was a good tip when you have multiple children who want to bake with you. Let each child pick out a recipe and then give them that special one on one time as they complete that recipe with you. This year, it was quite a juggle to bake with a toddler but we managed to take turns entertaining him while we worked together. Next year, hopefully he can join us!

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