15 November 2016

The tree is up!

Of course, Zach wanted to play in the box.

Grace got in to join him.

Holding on to sis and "helping."

 Doing everything like dad does. :)

 Tangled up in lights.

This is our new tree. I got it last year at Hobby Lobby's after Christmas sale. I think I paid $60, which was great considering it was originally $499. We're happy with the slightly slimmer version of our old tree. We ended up selling the old one at our last yard sale for $20.
(Which was fine by me, since we had it for 10 years!)

This year, we only put up ornaments with sentimental value. I kept all the balls and other fluff off. After Thanksgiving, I'll put up the stockings and a few of the other Christmas pieces I have but at least now, the tree is done and we can enjoy it a little while longer. :)

 Putting the finishing touches on the tree.

Of course, he wanted to touch the golf ball Santa.

Grace enjoying her hot chocolate and candy cane. #itsatradition

Later in the evening, we played Pie Face.

Right in the eye!


Isn't this just the most attractive picture? #not

Solemnly awaiting her fate.

Hey, that tastes yummy!

 Wouldn't you know it? After 3 rounds, Morgan was the only one who NEVER got creamed! #lucky

And basically, that's how we spent our weekend. :)

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