20 November 2016

Bobbing for apples!

We had Family Fellowship & Prayer this weekend and this was the game we played afterwards.

 A quick snap of my two men. They like to match. 😊😊

Kids enjoying brunch outside.

 Hailey dominating in tetherball.

Evie, helping Zach up the slide.

 Levi goes first!
(I love how Evie is smiling in the back).

Jacob discovers that it's harder than it looks.

 He's determined!


 Zach wonders about this new game and why we don't just use our hands?

 Go Vivien!

 She was amazing!

 Representin' for the girls!

And then Grace... she BLEW US AWAY with her time!

 Girl's got spunk!

 Momma Hailey's turn.

 I love this friend.

 Karen is always up for anything fun!

 Love her, too!

 She got it!

 Derek is so happy he took the day off for this. 😜

 So fun that the White's could join us for FFP!

 Ben had the best time to beat for the adults.

Way to go, Ben!

 Joe tried... and beat Ben's time!

And then Morgan went last.
Zach wanted to have a turn, too.

(Look at Zach's face.)
With Morgan knowing the time to beat, he definitely had the advantage.
It all happened so fast (like in 1 second!), I didn't even get a picture of him!
We're not a competitive group AT ALL. 😜 

 A family that bobs for apples together stays together!

 We celebrated Morgan's birthday with cheesecake!

 Happy early birthday, daddy!

 We prayed, we ate, we bobbed, we celebrated, and we laughed so hard, our cheeks hurt!
What an awesome day, friends!

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