25 October 2016

This Is Us

Ok, sorry, but I'm interrupting the Puerto Vallarta posts with this...

Can we just talk about this new show on NBC for a minute?!

I can't remember the last time I got really excited about a TV show! I've been watching this for weeks now and I am so hooked! The show is considered a dramedy and I love it because it's a multigenerational story about people and families. It touches on adoption, abandonment, belonging, love, marriage, self-worth...

You know, LIFE. And how the little things are actually big and they're all connected. Brilliant!

The show is shot in a flashback kind of way, which I think lends to the uniqueness of its story-telling and plot. I feel like every episode has a cliff hanger and tonight (episode 5) is supposed to answer a BIG question so I can't wait!

Can we all agree that most things on TV these days are trash? I can't even handle it. At least this show has good acting and thought-provoking writing. Well, I think so anyway. :) It's been worth it for me to stay up late and for me, staying up past 10:00 is late!

Morgan was not into it at first (it wasn't moving fast enough for him. He's more of a Blacklist kind of guy) but now, if I ask him if he's going to watch it with me, he says, "Uh, yeah!" :)

If you haven't seen any of the episodes yet, I would highly recommend that you start with episode 1. It's really the beginning of the "Us" and it lays the foundation of what's going to happen next.

It's also the one that's gonna get you hooked! ;)

Watch online at nbc.com

If you HAVE seen it, let's talk!! I so wanna know your thoughts. :)

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