25 October 2016

Puerto Vallarta Part 2

 Good Morning, PV!

Headed to breakfast.

 Miss Faith, sitting in the dining room.

 We were spoiled with ocean view seating every meal.

 Zach wanted the water to spray out.

 Walking from the lobby to the pool area.

 See, we were drawn to this pool and this view!

 The girls made beaded iguana key chains.

 They turned out so cute!

Another pool.

 The guys.

 Origami penguins.

 Fun water features for Zach.

 Pathway from the pool to the beach.

 The kids loved the hammock on our balcony.

 The boys wanted to open all the glass doors.

 On the other side of the balcony was a Jacuzzi.

 Zach only likes his bathtub at home so daddy got in there with him.  

 Dinner at the steakhouse.

First course: A delicious stuffed mushroom.

 Dessert was poured. Chocolate volcano!

Another amazing day.

*Disclaimer: We also use this blog as our family scrapbook so I realize there are a ridiculous amount of pictures on here. However, in the end, this blog is for my family and we love looking back on all the photos and re-living the memories throughout the years.

Ok, enough about my excuse for a TON of photos. :)

This vacation was the first time we experienced an "ALL INCLUSIVE" (other than on cruise ships). In the past, I've heard mixed reviews about all inclusive resorts but mostly, it had to do with the food. One of the reasons we picked Garza Blanca was because of the quality of their food and it did not disappoint. "All inclusive" also meant that all of our water sports and kids activities were included as well.

The resort itself, isn't necessarily a "family or kids" type of resort but we were pleased with the daily kids activities they offered as well as the families we met on our stay. It was perfect!

There are many benefits to traveling to another country with kids. We like to encourage the girls to try new things, meet new people, experience new foods, and practice the language.

In a few days time, even Zach was saying, "Gracias! and Hola!" :))

Prior to having kids, Morgan and I have stayed in some nice places but believe me, this resort was definitely not our normal. Every aspect of it was a grand treat. We were incredibly spoiled and grateful for it all.

On another note, day 2 will always be stuck in my mind because it was also the day I received a call from my doctor's office. It was about midday and I was enjoying the pool, watching the kids play when Morgan came up to me and said, "Your doctor's office left a message on my phone saying they've been trying to get a hold of you regarding your test results."

Huh? They've never called him on his phone before.

Without getting into too much detail, I had a biopsy done the week before we left. I wasn't expecting the results for two weeks. In fact, I specifically asked my doctor NOT to call me on vacation unless the results were bad. After all, we were celebrating our anniversary and it was my birthday the next day. We had so much to celebrate and so much be thankful for. No matter what the results were, I was planning to enjoy myself this week. :)

Long story short, I immediately slipped away and prepared myself for whatever came next. I called and the nurse picked up right away. She said she had my results and EVERYTHING CAME BACK CLEAR. Wait, what? Excuse me?

"Yes, everything is great and you're good to go!"

Apparently, someone didn't get the memo not to call me unless it was bad news.

No matter. Day 2 just got even BETTER. :))

Praise the Lord for His perfect timing! Now, I had even MORE of a reason to celebrate!

God is SO good, isn't He??

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