24 October 2016

Puerto Vallarta Part 1

The morning after the family wedding, we stayed in a hotel near LAX and flew out the next morning. Since there were three seats to a row on the plane, the girls sat in a row together while Morgan, Zach and I sat in the row in front of them. It worked out great. The girls loved the individual screens, headphones, and movies!

I'm not sure what that weird purple lighting was all about.

He'd stand up in his seat and say, "Hi sisters!"

Zach did great on his first flight. He wanted to move around quite a bit but at least he managed to stay in our row. :)

3 hours later and we made it to Puerto Vallarta!

We had some treats waiting for us in our suite. :)

This was just one section of our balcony. I know!! IN-SANE.

Master bedroom.

It just kept going on and on...That's a steam shower in the back!

The living room and dining room.
And yes, all of those glass doors OPEN UP!!

We were starving from our flight and the two hour time difference so the first thing we did after checking out our suite (and picking up our jaws) was to head poolside for some food.

The girls really enjoyed the first of their fruit smoothies.

My baby still had a cut lip from the wedding. Still as handsome as ever though!  

The sun was beginning to set.

Grace enjoying the pool.

I know it sounds crazy because we have a pool at home but we spent most of our time right here around this infinity pool during our week long vacation. How could you not, RIGHT?!
The view was SPECTACULAR!!

On most trips we take, I'm usually well aware of the details and what the rooms look like. However, on this particular trip, Morgan booked everything and I wanted to be surprised. Although he shared with me some things about the room and resort, I purposely didn't look at the pictures or read the reviews. Let's just say he did good. VERY GOOD! :)

For people who like to travel, 3 years is a long time to wait before taking a real vacation but this place was so worth the wait! Our suite was bigger than my house and the girls enjoyed their own side of it.

At this point, I'm not sure how many "parts" there will be to these Puerto Vallarta posts but this was Day 1 and it was absolutely perfect.

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