27 October 2016

Puerto Vallarta Part 3

 Taking a little stroll to breakfast.

 Cute x's 2.

 More expansive pool shot. The girls and a new friend hanging out on the edge.

Trying on daddy's shades.


 Grace enjoyed face painting.


 Faith and Kirtan watching the kayakers.

 Cake decorating in the main restaurant.

They loved this activity.

 Balloon party on the beach.

 See that digger in the background?
They were moving some rocks on the beach and Zach LOVED watching that thing.

 A heart shaped bubble. :)

 Daddy tried, too.

Kayaking, right off the beach.

 Following daddy.

There they go!

 Meanwhile, Zach was content to lounge in the shade.

Mama and her boy.

 Love him.

So handsome!

 I am one blessed woman!

 Naps by the pool.

 My mama heart melts.

 A couple of times, we had thunderstorms in the evenings.

 We enjoyed watching the cool lightning storm from our balcony.

  And took the trolley to dinner.

 Our little family of five.

I have to say, one of the best parts about this vacation for me was the huge break I got in preparing and cooking meals. We had 4 options for food at our resort: the main restaurant, the steakhouse, the pool/beachside service, and room service.

We ate almost every lunch by the pool and we alternated breakfast and dinner between the other choices.

Such a fabulous treat that I VERY much appreciated.

Thank you to my wonderful hubby for hooking up a girl! ;)

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