08 October 2016

Rock the Presidents

The gang's all here!

Usher: "Would you like to sit in the third row, center?"
Why, YES, please!

Think "Schoolhouse Rock" with educational songs about our 44 presidents.
Non-partisan, too. :)

Well, Zach ALMOST made it through the whole show (with only 5 minutes to spare). He was getting a little antsy towards the end so I let him take a walk around the lobby.

Last year, we really missed going to the McCallum for their #fieldtripseries so I'm so happy to be going again.

This is a such an incredible perk to have as homeschooling family.

Lots of schools around the area come by bus but the fact that our whole family can see a variety of LIVE theatre performances (sometimes daddy is able to come, too), without the hassle of permission slips, buses, or any cost to us? Priceless. :)

We've been studying the Presidents as part of U.S. History this year so this particular show was a great reinforcement and quite timely. It was a high energy musical with lots of dancing and clapping so it even entertained Zach, for most of the time. :)

We love our local theatre!

This counts as art too, right? ;)

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