06 October 2016

Introducing... My newest niece!

Eleanor "Elly" Catherine Yoon.
7 lbs. 10 oz.
Welcome to the world, precious and fellow October baby!

Baby #4 for my brother and Emily.

 She's a little doll.

The sweetest picture!

 Aww, look at James. He's a proud big brother.

Kylie and Madilyn with their new baby sister. That little tongue!

The baby holding the baby. :)

Another little blessing has arrived for our family and I can't wait to hold her this weekend!

My brother and Emily are one of those rare couples who patiently wait to know the gender of their baby until the day of birth. In fact, they've waited with all FOUR of their babies! Kind of unheard of nowadays, right? They usually have a handful of names picked out and wait to see what the baby looks like before naming him or her.

I have to say, I'm a little partial to my new niece's name. :)

Eleanor is one of those classic and timeless names and the shorter version, "Elly" is just so cute.

Plus, her middle name...Well, come on... ;)

Catherine happens to be a family name on both sides. Emily, too, has a younger sister whose name is Catherine (spelled the exact same way). And YES, I am my brother's YOUNGER sister. Everyone always seems to think I'm older but Richard is actually 20 months older than me.

In fact, he was THAT big brother who followed me around high school and made sure I wasn't getting into trouble or hanging out with the wrong crowd (which basically meant he tried to keep me away from all the boys). :)

Growing up with just the two us of, I don't think we ever thought we'd have 7 kids between us but here we are!
Mini-van driving, diaper changing, bath giving, bedtime snuggling, potty training, love pouring,
beautiful, chaotic, messy, bliss.

God is so good!

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