04 October 2016

My Best Marriage Advice

Finally! A date with my man.

We had sushi, of course! We found a new place (Misaki Sushi by Trader Joe's) and it did NOT disappoint!
We loved the beautiful presentation, too.

The Tuna Lover roll was incredible!

Funny, because right before we left, I was making the kids a tuna sandwich for lunch. Morgan walked by, smelled the tuna, and said, "Who could eat that tuna that's not raw? It smells so bad."
Lol! He loves his tuna, but only raw. Go figure!

I'm in my happy place, with #colorfulfood sitting across from my favorite person.

It's been EIGHT months since we've had any kind of date. EIGHT MONTHS!! Thankfully, my girlfriend's teenage daughter was able to babysit Sunday afternoon and Morgan and I got to spend 4 hours of uninterrupted time together. Bliss! (Thank you, Gracie!)

Somehow, we always end up eating sushi. It's just our thing. It's intimate and special. It doesn't leave us feeling too full (although this restaurant had generous portions). And yet, we always feel satisfied, like we had a wonderful treat.

I saw this the other day and I had to laugh.

Why? Because as women, isn't there a lot of TRUTH to this statement?

Thankfully, my husband keeps me well fed. Noted by the extra pounds I've been carrying. :)
And bonus: He still thinks I'm beautiful. :)
(Pssst...He doesn't even see all the gray hairs that have come in this year!) ;)
Hallelujah for hair color. Amen?!

But more than all the superficial stuff, Morgan listens to me blubber on about my fears and anxieties. He prays for me. He reminds me about the character of God. And he tells me everything is going to be OK. He helps me to hope and dream... Best of all, he reassures me that he'll be right there next to me, through all of life's changing seasons.

My best marriage advice:
(other than being God-centered)

Marry your best friend.

Next week, we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary!

That means we've known each other now for 22 years (5 years of friendship + 2 years of dating).

In 15 years, we've gone through a lot together. We've done some hard things. We've had some awesome adventures. We have 3 beautiful children. By the grace of God, our marriage has always been strong but we've definitely experienced seasons where it's been difficult to connect or feel as close as we'd like to.

Let's face it. Some days, it's hard to even finish a sentence with one another or share a story, let alone communicate what we're feeling. Marriage can feel like it's been put on the back burner day after day but that's why I'm so grateful I married my best friend, too. He gets me. He heaps loads and loads of grace unto me. He accepts me and all my weaknesses. He's the best team captain a family could hope for. And he's still my favorite person in the whole world.

I truly could not imagine a more compassionate, generous, hard-working, kind, and devoted husband or father.

Yup, he's all that AND a bag of chips! :) 

I love him to pieces and I'm so grateful to God for him.
(Why yes, we did stop at Best Buy on our date!) :)

I can't wait to see what the next 15 years will bring!

Lord willing, together, we will experience deeper love, greater faith, steadfast hope, good health...

and a lot MORE dates. ;) 

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