18 October 2016

Meal Plan Week #6

Happy Tuesday!

So we got back late last night from our AMAZING VACATION!!

Truly, it was such a special trip in so many ways!

I can't wait to go through the million pictures I have on my camera and re-live it all over again. :)

I have so much blogging to do!

Here's a little glimpse into part of our view from the balcony.
(Pictures never do views like this justice. It was breathtaking!)

Ok, so meals.... I actually sort of pre-planned this week in meals but I have a few staples and fresh groceries I need to pick up today.

Since it's already Tuesday, I'll only be posting 4 dinners this week.
(There's always a leftover night and that'll take us into Saturday.)

Meal Plan Week #6
  • Spaghetti
  • Red Wine Pot Roast (leftovers are fabulous!)
  • Baked Green Chili Chicken Tacos
  • Kim Chee Fried Rice
Can't wait to share more about our vacation... and the family wedding... and the orphanage!

For now, I need coffee.

And pumpkin spice creamer. :)

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