19 October 2016

James & Stephanie Tie the Knot!

Why yes, this was the couple's wedding invitation. :)
The girls were so excited for the Star Wars theme.

Before I bore you with a ridiculous amount of vacation photos, I thought I should post in order of what took place first. The day before we flew out, we went to Orange County and attended the wedding of my second cousin, James and his beautiful bride, Stephanie.

 Look at all my precious babies. :) :) :)

The wind kicked up just as this picture was being taken but I had to laugh when I saw my brother. We matched!! :) #navyblueforthewin

 The bride was gorgeous! And no, she did not wear a Princess Leia costume. :)

My handsome men.

Madi doesn't know it yet but she's got Uncle Morgan wrapped around her little finger.

The wedding barely started and he had already tripped, fell down, cut his lip open, and bled on his shirt.
Sigh... boys. :)

Zach and his female equivalent in cuteness. Love these two!!

 My aunt and mom with all the kids (minus Elly, the new grandbaby who was at home with Emily). We missed you, Emily! It looks like Kylie is choking Madi here. Lol!

An" all girl" picture.

 The stunning couple.

The wedding party.

James and his lovely mom.
I remember James when he was Zach's age and he was the cutest kid. He's all grown up now. He's also a graduate of West Point and an honored veteran who served our country for many years after graduating. So proud of him!    

The girls and the blushing bride.

Cousins rock!

Silly girls.

Daddy & Zach laying on the lawn.

 The Gough Girls.

The place setting for kids.

 Cheers to weddings and sparkling apple cider in fancy glasses!

 My aunt and mom.

 The kids could not get enough of the photo booth!

 We tried!

Richard and I started the dance party!

 Our little wedding dates.

Let the dancing begin!

 Kylie and Faith gettin' their groove on.

The girls had a blast dancing the night away!

Weddings are always so much fun, aren't they?! For the Yoon's (and there's ALOT of us), it's like one big family reunion. It was great to see all of my relatives!

Congrats to James and Stephanie! We're so happy for them. 

Ah, young love and the start of a whole new life together...
Gotta love the joy and excitement of it all.

Being at a wedding always reminds me of my own wedding day. It was the happiest day of my life!

Speaking of that...
Our 15th anniversary celebration was definitely one to remember!

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