02 October 2016

Family Science Camp, Part 3

Working on a science project.

Our volcano was a little underwhelming. :(

That's a little better!

Nothing like a ride on daddy's shoulders.

 These two. :)

A game of volleyball.

BB Guns!

Girls with guns. Watch out! :)

Is it wrong that I like this picture? :)

They had such a blast!

Morgan had a great time playing football with the kids!

Time for the Rock Climbing Wall and Zip Line!

The girls made the best memories with Cora and her brother, Micah.

Before she began, she had to say, "My name is Grace Gough and I accept this challenge!"

She chose the harder course, too!

Loved her determination and her never give up attitude!

Look at Faith go!

She made it!

Celebrating with Ellie and Micah at the top.

Faith gets ready to zip line!

Ready... Set...


 And then there's Morgan, who made the hardest course look SO easy.

It helps to have long limbs!

 Morgan was encouraging Ben. Or was he? ;)

 Buddies first. Competitors always.

 Morgan doing his Mission Impossible pose.

 There he goes!

 Next, it was the ladies' turn.

 Safety first.

 Plotting my course.

 Almost there!

 Made it! :)


 I waited for the girls to make it up...

 And then I was OFF!


My best Tom Cruise pose. :P

 Another sweet new friend, Mackenzie.

The crisp cool mornings and nights were a breath of fresh air!

Ok, so I keep talking about the price of this camp but for what we paid, we could not believe that we got to do ALL of these cool activities! I typically don't like to talk about money but this is just too good not to mention. We paid a total of $316 for our family of five. And that included all of our meals (which were quite good and better than expected) and private lodging for THREE nights in a large cabin with 2 bathrooms/showers. Unbelievable, right?!!

You know how I just love me a good bargain. :)

My favorite outdoor activity was the rock climbing wall and zip line. I loved it because it tested each one of us individually. You had to rise to your own challenge. For those that just wanted to go on the zip line. Sorry! There was no way to do that unless you climbed that rock wall. I also loved seeing (and hearing) all of us encourage one another!

We were so proud of Grace and Faith. There was a spot on the wall where it got a little tough but I never once thought for a moment that they wouldn't make it to the top. They are determined young girls, I tell ya! More than any physical accomplishments, I was so very proud of their tender hearts towards their peers. All week long, I saw them extend kindness, joy, and friendliness throughout the whole camp. They related so well to their peers, the younger kids, and even to adults who enjoyed getting to know them.  

No wonder they came away with what they would call, new, life-long friends!

Morgan and I spent most of our time chasing after Zach. Which I'm not gonna lie, it was hard and exhausting. But boy! He was in heaven with all that outdoor space and dirt! Thankfully, we had our friends there and they kept on eye on the girls for us (like when we had to give Zach a bath in the evenings). Honestly, it was such a safe environment at camp. The kids got to roam around freely and enjoy themselves with different outdoor activities. In fact, us parents, often commented that we felt like we were just chaperones at the kids' camp. If it weren't for watching Zach constantly (he never sat down for more than 2 minutes and must have walked 10 miles each day!) we might have even felt like we were on vacation. :)

Morgan and I worked hard and played hard. All the while, we tried to be engaged with the girls, too. It's a tricky balance sometimes but we would totally do it again in a heartbeat!

And make no mistake, Zach also had the time of his life!

Overall, this was an amazing experience for our family!

On the last activity, my camera battery ran out so I missed some pictures of PAINT BALL where the kids shot at moving targets... the PARENTS! Luckily, I got out of it because I had to watch Zach but Morgan and Ben were forced to participate. Basically, they were the cool dads. :)

Morgan got away unscathed but poor Ben got hit with a couple of paint balls... and a swarm of bees!

He was such a good sport about it. Even after about 15 bee stings, he said the paint ball shots hurt more! Ah, the memories of family camp. :)

The director said they are thinking of changing the name from Family Science Camp to Family Adventure Camp. I'd say that would be quite fitting!

I love adventuring with my family and we feel very blessed that we got to share this experience together.

We can't wait for next year!!

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