01 October 2016

Family Science Camp Part 2

There was this bridge with running water underneath and Zach HAD to touch it every time he went by.

 Archery lesson.

 Faith takes her aim.

 Ben and Jacob.

 Grace gets some instruction from daddy.

 Daddy and Zach on the basketball court.

 Making an arrowhead craft.

Zach tried out all the big kids' scooters.

 Soccer on the field.



 Gone. :)
This was the first time EVER he fell asleep while eating dinner.

 I love how the girls took time to play with the little kids, too.

 He also HAD to touch his beloved flag everyday.

The front porch of our cabin.

 Hairy Tarantula.

 A big Iguana.

 Look at Grace's reaction. Lol! She doesn't want to get near that python!

The animal presentation was a big hit with all the kids. 

The science lessons were based on the California fifth and sixth grade science standards and were taught by Christian Outdoor Educators. The lessons emphasized hands-on learning in an outdoor setting. Everyday, we played fun games and took educational hikes. Morgan and the girls particularly enjoyed the night time Astronomy Hike!

We met some amazing families, too. Some of them had been coming to the camp for the last three years! Even though the curriculum was geared toward 5th & 6th grade, as you can see from the pictures, children of all ages attended. If I had to guess, I'd say the kids on this trip ranged from 2-15 years old. Some families even brought their grandparents.

We also enjoyed the worship time each day and the guest speaker in the evenings.

Part 3, coming up!

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