30 September 2016

Family Science Camp Part 1

So excited to be at camp with our friends!

There were four of us families from the desert.

 Our cabin.

Time for a nature hike with my little cub.

Brandon, our guide.

They look like a pre-teen band. :) 

Zach finds a rather large pine cone.

Taking a rest on one of the hammocks.

Ga Ga Ball was all the rage at camp and the kids could not stop playing it!

Eat. Play. Rock. (And look adorable while doing it.) :)

Pretty lights in the evenings gave it such a cozy ambiance around the campground.

Zach loved the bean bag toss.

Our very own Goldilocks, trying out his sister's bunk.

Melissa reading aloud the One Year Bible in the morning to the kids.

A sweet morning photo.

Karen, me, and Melissa in front of the coffee/gift shop.

Playing "Gorilla, Man, Net."

The pictures don't do this camp justice. It was so picturesque and quaint!

This was my favorite family devotion:
We broke off into families and read John 13:1-17 about Jesus Washing His Disciples Feet. Then we talked about how we might better serve one another in love. Next, we painted each other's feet, created a piece of artwork as a keepsake (with our feet, of course!), and then we washed each other's feet, just as Jesus did for his disciples.    

Zach provided our actual footprint.

Washing daddy's feet.

These are all symbols of our meaningful time here together.

Wow! I cannot say enough about our first organized family camp experience. From the spacious cabin to the food, from all the fun activities to the incredible staff members... not to mention, the beautiful campground village itself!

We were totally impressed.

We simply could not get over how inexpensive it was! Truly, it's the best kept secret for families who like adventuring together. Shhh. :) 

Easily, this was one of the BEST experiences the girls have ever had! In fact, they're already counting down the days until next year!

So many great memories were made!

Part 2, coming up...

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