07 September 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Always fun to fly with dad.

Blast off!

She said the pool was chilly. :)

It must be Sunday night!

Attempt at a family selfie.

Where's a selfie stick when you need one? :)

Sunday was amazing. It was actually COOL enough to go to the park in the evening!
We had a blast zipping around the neighborhood in the golf cart.
Zach has a thing about the moon. He's pretty much obsessed with it.

On monday, these three slipped away for some father/daughter bowling. They had so much fun!

A couple of times a month, Morgan suggests going to Dickey's for dinner on a Sunday (it's his favorite). The kids enjoy it and I get a break from cooking. It's a win-win! I've been ordering their smokehouse salad with chicken. It's one of the lighter things on the menu but still packs lots of flavor. I split all the onion tanglers with the family and that way, I can still enjoy a small ice cream cone for dessert. After all, it is FREE and OH SO YUMMY! :)
Dickey's for the win. Always.

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