13 September 2016

First day of co-op!

Total gem of a picture! I love it!
And when I took it, I didn't even know they were standing under the big #familylove sign.

Someone else was excited for co-op, too. He kept saying, "Co-op, co-op."

His cute little rocket backpack. Blast off, buddy!

He was happy he got to play outside on the playground.

And make a craft using glue.

Picnic lunch in the kid zone.

The girls were so excited for their first day. I'm using co-op as a fun way to take elective type classes. The girls are taking Art and Karate this session.

I help out in their art class the first hour and the second hour, I spend outside with Zach. We all gather together for a picnic lunch and then we go home for Zach's nap. 
The first day worked out great! It's a nice way to connect with old friends and meet some new ones, too.

I'm so thankful for the large community of homeschoolers we have here in our valley.

Sure makes life more fun! 

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