12 September 2016

Melissa's Birthday!

People always seem to get Melissa and I mixed up. We think it's funny because obviously we have very different physical features. However, we have husbands that look somewhat alike (they get asked if they are brothers). And before we had Zach, we each had two kids around the same age.

Sometimes, someone will be talking to her and she quickly realizes they think they are talking to me and the situation happens vice versa. It's hilarious and we've grown to just laugh about it. Melissa is the sweetest friend and such a huge blessing in my life. I can't think of a better woman I'd rather get mixed up for!

 What a beautiful fall scarf!

 New jewelry and a matching top. Gorgeous!  

 Jill outdid herself by making us all delectable coconut crème cakes, with edible glitter on top!

 We missed our Janette who's resting up from having baby Paislie.

 We had so much fun at Desert Willow last month for Jill's birthday, we were back again.

One last one of me and the birthday girl, just because we look cute. :)

I can't even explain what it means to have good girlfriends to share life with. Melissa blesses and beautifies my life with her kindness, encouragement, support and friendship. She is selfless, dedicated, generous, and humble.  

She has wisdom beyond her years and she is my go-to person for prayer and truth reminding. I'm so grateful God made her!  

Happy birthday, my sweet sister! You are loved!

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