16 September 2016

CBS: A Brave New Year!

This year's theme: BRAVE
(Don't we all need more of this in our lives?? I know I do!)

We're all excited to be back!
Look at my sweet babies. :)

A wall in the kids' room.

Friends, back together again!

So happy to be here with ALL of my kids this year!

I know I've said it countless times before and I will continue to sing it from the rooftops... Community Bible Study is the highlight of our week and THE most important "subject" for us all. Academics can only get you so far. Growing in wisdom and maturity by knowing, loving, and applying God's word to our lives will equip us to fulfill God's calling and purpose.

Of course, we strive to instill all of this at home but over the years ( I think this is my 7th year??), CBS has served as an incredible partnership to that end. Plus, it's a place where the kids get to be their own person and engage with other kids. Meanwhile, I get the opportunity to fellowship with women of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds. Together, we learn, grow, encourage one another, and leave inspired.

We love, love, love this ministry!

CBS classes are available nationwide (even international!).

Check out their website if you're interested in an in-depth weekly bible study.

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