15 August 2016

Summer, in a nutshell

Zachary has never met a book he doesn't like.

He's also been busy taking swim lessons twice a week with Miss Hannah.

It's been so nice that she comes to us!

Zach is also obsessed with the American flag. He points out every one he sees around town and he carries it everywhere.

This is the life.

The girls loved having Miss Gilmore, their 4th grade teacher come for a visit.

We had fun seeing cousin Christina in Bakersfield.

Zach and Coco, Chrissy's dog. He absolutely LOVES dogs.

A sweet morning hug.

Visited Grandpa in his new home.

Swimming in Christina's pool.

We never go too far without his ball.

Love this kid.

The girls spent a week happily dog sitting for Miss Lyndi.

Even in the heat, they walked him a few times.

Riley is an easy and playful dog.

Afternoons in the pool are always fun. Even if the pool is 90 degrees!

I love to watch them laugh and play. Sister bonding at its best. 

Taking a snack break in the shade.

The girls also spent 2 full days painting, cleaning, and decorating the CBS Kids classrooms.
This will be Zach's preschool room in the fall.

Weekly volleyball for the girls.

Zach has been monkeying around at My Gym all summer long.

Ball heaven.

Hang on, buddy!

Swim and lunch at Aunt Mary's with the second cousins.

Happy and waving his flag again.

Silly boy! Sometimes, I find him sitting in his bucket of Legos. :)

I can't believe summer is almost over. It's been a low key kind of summer for us. We didn't really go too far and our big vacation plans were postponed due to an unexpected accident. Morgan and his dirt bike have a love/hate relationship. Thankfully, no surgery this time. He's healing  a little more each day but not fast enough for him to be able to do the things he wanted to do on vacation. Thankfully, we were able to postpone our trip to October.

Zach is one busy boy. He loves his books, balls, dogs, and flags. He loves his time in the pool and he's slowly learning to monkey crawl his way out. Miss Hannah is unfortunately going back to college next week but hopefully, one of her siblings will be filling in for September.

Zach's time at My Gym is also coming to an end this month. He's been going faithfully every week since April. It's been a great way for him to learn new skills and burn off some of that boy energy each week, especially since it's too hot to go to the park in the summer.

In addition to all the reading and audio books they've enjoyed, the girls have been keeping busy with summer school twice a week at Miss Lyndi's. It's been wonderful to see them develop in their writing and math skills. She's an amazing teacher and the sweetest friend. We love her and we're blessed by her, to say the least!

We're all really excited about CBS this year. I honestly feel that this is the most important aspect of our homeschooling and I can't wait to do bible study with the girls again. Plus, Zach will be moving up to the preschool class this year and his teacher will be none other than our local librarian, sweet Miss Mandy. She already knows him, loves him, and chases after him at the library. :) He'll be learning short verses, songs, and the Pledge of Allegiance. And yes! She says she will make sure to have flags in her classroom. :)

This week, I took some time and ordered all the books and materials I'll need for the school year. For the first time ever, we'll also be attending a homeschool co-op on Fridays. We've signed up for our classes and we look forward to the learning, fun, and fellowship each week.

So, what's left for summer?

We have a weekend beach trip planned at the end of the month and we may even try to sneak in a trip up to the cabin.

For us, school officially starts the day after Labor Day but our fall schedule will be in full effect once CBS begins mid September. Until then, we plan to enjoy every drop we have left of summer!

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