08 July 2016

Zachary turns TWO!!

 Faith decorated the chalkboard that I've been using for scripture and special messages for years.

How handsome is he? I just can't stand it.

He's also a cheese ball.

Reading with mommy in the morning.

An evening swim.

 He wanted to try on goggles, just like daddy.

Those cheeks. So kissable!

Trying to put on sister's flip flops in the pool.

He finally gets some help and tries to walk.

Climbing into the spa.

 Best buddies.


What JOY!!

 Ready to open some presents.

 Our THREE most precious gifts.

 Love them all so much!

 Opening his presents.

 Faith explaining her gift.

 Zach points out the ball he sees.

This is what Faith made for him.

A sweet gift from Ms. Marsha.

His favorites! Music and a ball. :)

Daddy shows him how it works.

Lining up his ball to give it a good kick.

 We got our little daddy's helper a tool set.

 Grace having some fun.

 The drill bit actually moves in and out and of course, the drill makes noise.

Safety first!

It's always a good time to read a book.

 Trying to blow out his candle.

 Got some help from his sisters.

This year, I didn't plan an elaborate themed party. Instead, we opted for a simple but meaningful celebration, just the five of us.

From the moment he woke up, the girls came into his room singing Happy Birthday. Daddy came home from work early and we snuck in an afternoon swim before dinner.

Zach's favorite food is pizza so of course, we had that for dinner. He's also never been one for sweets or desserts so I tried to come up with something he might enjoy.

He loves peanut butter so instead of a cupcake, I made banana muffins with peanut butter crème frosting. It came out great and the girls thought it was incredible!

Zach must have approved, too because he ended up eating half his birthday muffin and I could tell, he enjoyed the peanut butter part the most.

The day was just perfect.

Dear sweet Zachary,

At two, we already know you are a great mix of all boy and precious sweetheart. You love balls. In fact, you are a phenomenal kicker and started kicking balls from the day you could walk and balance yourself. Your foot/eye coordination is amazing.

You enjoy listening to music and singing. Your favorite songs include, "Do Re Mi", "Where is Thumbkin", and "Thy Will Be done."

To our great delight, you also love books so we read to you every chance we get. You are a happy kid. Full of energy and joy. You love to be chased, kick your ball, swim in the pool, and play peek-a-boo.

You're unequivocally and unapologetically, passionate, determined, brave, and LOUD. You pursue discovering and exploring the world, all without fear. I hope you never change. Well, except maybe for the loud part. :)  

When your daddy is home from work, you become his little shadow. He can do nothing without you by his side. You adore going outdoors, even when it's 110 degrees. At the moment, you love helping dad clean the pool. Your sisters are so in love with you (as we all are). They make you laugh and giggle like no one else can. 

You give the best hugs and kisses, especially to your mama. You still cuddle with me at night and wrap your whole body around me to feel close. I love this time with you. Such a special gift.

You're talking up a storm these days. Each new day brings more words and understanding. It's so fun to watch you grow and learn new things. This is my favorite stage, for sure.

You're a picky eater but currently, your favorite foods are pizza, noodles, yogurt, cheese puffs, avocado, and peanut butter. Hands down, your favorite drink would be milk but right now, you're on a milk strike since we threw away all your baby bottles. We explained to you that you were a big boy now and big boys can drink their milk out of a cup, just like they do their water. You're still holding your ground, even after we showed you the bottles went in the trash. Today, you took a few sips so I'm sure you'll come around, eventually. :)

All in all, you don't require much in the way of a nap but you sleep wonderfully at night so we thank you for that!  

You bring so much joy, goodness, hope, and laughter to us, buddy. You've taught us more about God's character-- His selflessness, grace, and most of all, His faithfulness. We couldn't imagine life without you and we thank the Lord (and your birth mom) for the privilege of choosing us to be your family.

God has big plans for you, Zach! And we look forward to seeing how your life, with all your passions, gifts, and talents will change the world and impact the kingdom for His glory.

Happy 2nd Birthday, son!

We love you more than words can say.

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