05 July 2016

Happy 4th!

 Passing on the tradition of making the Jello Flag Cake to the girls.

 He's happy to be playing with sis' Light Saber.

They call him, "Little Luke." He loves anything that resembles a stick or a sword.

Grace puts the final touches on the flag.

Great job, girls!

Can we just all take a moment to thank God for Color Wonder markers? He loves to draw like his sisters but he's always putting markers and pens in his mouth...and all over himself.

 So precious!

They could entertain themselves for days.


Blasting off with daddy.

Too bad he's not having any fun. :)

 Daddy's arms are tired from all the times Zach said, "Again!"

And that's a wrap!

We didn't feel like dealing with traffic or crowds so we spent a low key 4th at home this year. I've been making the Jell-O Flag Cake for years now (in fact, ever since we got married). It's nothing fancy but it sure looks and tastes good! This year, the girls were able to make the whole thing by themselves. We considered, well, I should say, I considered making a smaller version in a square pan but the girls quickly convinced me of two things:

1. That wouldn't be the right shape for the flag.
2. We could just share some with all of our neighbors.

So that's exactly what we did. :)

Otherwise, we relaxed the rest of the day, swam, grilled burgers, and thanked God for giving us the freedom we enjoy today.

Happy 240th Birthday, AMERICA!

May God Bless us and keep us, all.

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