20 May 2016

Summer Read-Alouds

With only 14 days left of school, the countdown to summer has begun and we're happily creating our family's summer read-aloud list over here. Even though the girls are great readers, we've always been big proponents of reading to them OUT LOUD. In fact, with the girls going to school this year, reading out loud has been one of the biggest things we've missed with them. By the time they got home, a typical day consisted of school work, dinner, showers, and studying. This took up most of our evenings. We didn't even have time to read out loud anymore.  

We've missed the great discussions, the laughter, the closeness, the suspense, the excitement for one more chapter and the many life lessons we learn together by reading good books out loud.

With the end of the year approaching and school work slowing down a bit, we've already begun to sink our teeth into a couple of these books and it's been so wonderful to reclaim that time together.

We can't wait to dig into the rest!

Is it summer yet?? :)

Zach is also getting to the point now where if you ask him if he wants to read a book, he'll run over to the bookshelf and pick out a book for himself. Then he'll plop down on the floor and wait for you to sit down next to him and start reading. His attention span is getting much better, too!

This kid should build quite a vocabulary over time if he has 4 capable readers in the house, reading to him every day! It's so sweet to see the older ones reading to their baby brother. Gah! I love it!

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