23 May 2016

Faith's Spring Piano Recital

Our lovely pianist did a WONDERFUL job!

Here she is with Miss Sierra, her teacher for the last 6 months.

Ellie did a fantastic job, too!

Always fun to perform and be supported by friends.

So proud of our Faith!

Zach decided to help other grandmas out with their walkers.

And Matthew was so kind to give Zach a little guitar lesson.

This was the first recital where there were no grandparents present. Grandma never missed one and when my dad was able to come, he always brought flowers for the girls.

But God in His grace...He provided family through the gathering of all our dear friends. We didn't even know they were coming that morning, nor that they would bring flowers for our girl. :)

Grandma's spirit must have been with Faith because all morning long, she was so calm and poised, humble yet confident.

She played her song the BEST we've ever heard her play it!
(I posted a little clip on my Instagram feed)

Considering school took up so much time this year, we are so proud of her and all the hard hours she put into practicing.

Well done, Faith! Congrats on a beautiful recital!

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