16 May 2016

Our special place

Zach walked up close to the peacock and this is what it did. I think they scared EACH OTHER.

Peacocks are amazing, aren't they?

He can't ever resist playing with a dog.

Giddy up!

His FIRST pony ride. :)

He rode a 36 year old old pony named, "Angel." The girls had their first pony ride on her, too.

Our three darlings.

Zach doing his favorite thing with his favorite person.

Relaxing in the shade.

Love my little man.

Cousins have arrived.

Sweet girls.

Eating like a big boy.

Speaking of BIG!

She happily shared that gigantic cookie with all of us.

These two.

Cuteness abounds.

Love her.

Girls 4, Boys 2... for now...

It was a gorgeous day in Oak Glen.

The wildflowers were in bloom.

Monkeying around.

The Crew.

We missed my mom and Emily who couldn't join us but nonetheless, it was fun to see the rest of the family, escape the heat, and run around in beautiful weather.

The Botanical Gardens are expanding every time we visit and the Spring flowers were spectacular.

I love that the memories we make here as a family just keep growing.

Oh, and on top of his first pony ride, Zach had his first real taste of sugar today, too.

As you might have guessed, daddy gave him some chocolate chip cookie.

Oh well, he lasted almost until his 2nd birthday!

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