09 May 2016

Happy Mother's Day

After a morning of the sweetest gifts, cards, lots of hugs, prayers, and a wonderful church service, the family took me out to breakfast. My only desire: I wanted to sit outside on a patio. The weather was just too beautiful!

We ended up at the La Quinta Baking Co.

Morgan and the girls split French Beignets, Quiche Lorraine, and...

French Toast with berries and bacon.

I thoroughly enjoyed my spinach, mushroom, and brie frittata. Yum!  

I couldn't have asked for a better morning with my favorite people on earth.

These three: They didn't come to me in the way I expected. I don't have any scars or labor and delivery stories to compare.

These three: They were birthed from my heart, out of a scared but audacious faith and obedience, trusting that His plan and purpose for my life (and theirs) was far greater than anything we could have dreamt on our own.

These three: When I forget, they serve as the greatest reminders of His faithfulness, grace, and redemption.

God continues to write His story, through me and in spite of me.

These three: They call me mom. And they are my greatest joy and privilege.

It's only after years of being a mom myself have I come to fully appreciate the sacrifices my own mother has made for me. Our relationship has not always been easy but over the last few years, the Lord has blessed us with a sweetness that I treasure. Her strength and dignity have been a huge blessing and example to me and I am so blessed to call her mine. I love you with all my heart, mom and I am so grateful to be your daughter.

This is the first Mother's Day without Grandma (my mother in law) and to be honest, I still can't believe she's gone. She went home to heaven just a couple of months ago but her absence has left such a big void in our lives that it seems like it's been much longer. It's been tough without her (especially on Grandpa) but we feel her love and strength every day.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of my two moms. One still here and one in heaven but both, making me a better mom, because of the example and investment they made in each of us.

Happy Mother's Day to my real heroes.

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