31 May 2016

A relaxing Memorial Day weekend

Zach's doing great!

 Making a choo-choo train with his sissies.

Having big sisters means they like to dress you up. :)

 Although he can't go in the pool for 2 weeks, he still likes to help daddy with the chores. 

He wants to do EVERYTHING daddy does so Morgan got him his own little skimmer. :)

The girls enjoyed a swim while Zach took his nap.

S'mores, anyone?

Marshmallow ears.

Having too much fun.

The fire pit works as a backyard campfire.

Enjoying her treat.

And that's a wrap!

Since Zach can't go in the pool or near any sand or dirt for 2 weeks, we had to take it pretty easy this weekend, which was fine by us. Thankfully, the wind finally died down so at least he could go outside and play (which he LOVES to do).

We relaxed, played, read books, grilled out, watched movies, and made s'mores.

Sounds about perfect to me. 

In fact, I can't wait for more weekends just like this!

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