26 March 2016

Cupcakes, birthday girls, and school!

For the girls' actual birthday on Tuesday, our sweet Jill made the girls the most DELICIOUS cupcakes to share with their classmates and teachers. On top of looking absolutely adorable (with the girls' favorite colors), it was a scrumptious pink velvet cake with cream cheese and vanilla bean frosting. Oh my! Truly, almost every person commented, "That was the BEST cupcake I've ever had in my life!"

And just like that, THEY ARE TEN!

Their class was singing happy birthday to them at recess. This is what they always do when they get embarrassed. :))

Little brothers came to celebrate, too!

Their beloved 4th/5th grade combo class! What a bond they've created.

Zach enjoys the tire swing with his sissies.

Zach always finds his way to a ball somehow. I just love how great these kids are with him.

Chase and Johnny encouraging him to play and throw the ball.

Faith looking after her brother.

Grace is always caring for Zach and chasing after him.

All the birthday festivities both at home and at school have truly been memorable for the girls.

We didn't do a big party last year and I wanted to make turning 10 for the girls, a big milestone celebration.  

Jill joking said that maybe I should start planning for next year's party but at this point, I'm thinking 13 might be a good age for the next party. :) We shall see!

Life is a gift and it is short. Everyday is worth celebrating in some way, big or small.

It's hard to believe ten years have gone by so quickly. What a joy the girls have been!

Glory to God for the privilege of being their parents.

Happy Happy 10th Birthday, Faith & Grace!

You are loved and treasured by us and by the God who created you and delights in you.

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