20 March 2016

Faith & Grace's Paint/Horse Party!

 Well, we were planning to have the painting in the backyard but since it was going to be in the 90's we moved it inside for more comfort.  

The party theme was inspired by Saige, the American Girl books and movie. Just like the Saige, the girls love to paint and they love horses!

I made the easiest paint chip banner with these vibrant colors.

The gorgeous cake was made by my dear friend, Jill. She's AMAZING!! 

 The colors were so fun and bright. Just like the girls! :))
Loved these artist's snack plates/palettes and napkins.

We tried to incorporate the horse and paint theme with little details.

Another shot of the beautiful cake!

 Snacks for the artists while they paint.

More fun party decorations!

 We had a fun "Create Your Own Nachos" Bar with all the fixins (which I didn't get a picture of) but
it was a big hit with kids and adults alike!

The painting stations are ready!

The artists are, too!

Melanie did an outstanding job with the kids.

Kylie is focused.

Taking shape.

 Karen & Ben.

 Janette, Brandon, and Rory.

 Zach hanging out with Dad and Halmoni.

Me and Madi.

Love their individuality!

Almost done!

Sweet Karah, their mentor and friend.


Amazing artists! I LOVE how different each one turned out!

 Time for cake and ice cream!

 Confetti cake on the top half with chocolate on the bottom. It was SO YUMMY and there was not a bite left!!


 Marsha, mom, and Emily.

Madilyn exploring the backyard.

Zach climbing on tables.

Wading in the pool. 

 Brandon with his girls.

 Karen takes Sylvie for a dip.

 Uncle Rich teaching the kids a new game.

 Time to open presents.

 Friends enjoying the weather on the grass.

 They loved all the pool toys and crafts they received!

 Hugs for Halmoni.

 Family photo.

Soaker gun fight!!

Silly kids!

Aren't these adorable?!!
(Jill, you outdid yourself, my friend!)


I'd have to agree. It was pretty special and one to remember!

A super FUN way to kick off turning TEN!!

I can't believe our little ladies will be 10 on Tuesday. We're into double digits now, folks! Time sure flies. I still remember the girls' first birthday and it doesn't seem like that was so long ago.
Only six more years and they'll be driving. Double yikes!! :))

We're so happy they had a blast at their party!

We love you so much and can't wait to see what God has is store for your futures.

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