27 March 2016

Decorating Easter Eggs

Faith's little "garden" egg.

 Grace's pretty cross egg.

 Lots of sparkles!

Trying to keep Zach from pulling down all the eggs. :)

Too much fun!

These pastel and glitter eggs turned out beautiful!

So, last year, right after Easter, I stumbled across these "fake" decorating eggs at WalMart. They look totally real and the best part was they were on clearance for 50% off so that made them only $1/dozen.
WAY cheaper than REAL eggs!

I snatched up a few dozen and stored them away in our seasonal bin until I broke them out this week. I also stock up on decorating supplies after Easter. It's the only way to go! I have to say, I love the fact that the eggs won't be going bad any time soon, or EVER!  

Plus, you can always keep the ones the kids decorated this year and it would be fun to look back on them next year. Either way, I'm stocking up again for next year!

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