06 February 2016

Awards and Recognitions

As a parent, you're always so proud of your kids when they work hard and show godly character but when others also recognize them for these things... well, that's just a wonderful gift!

Congrats to Faith who made Honor Roll for her second semester as well as being recognized for taking the time to help a student in class with some difficult work. Our Grace was also recognized and rewarded for respecting the rules and respecting others. Great job, girls!

We're into the second half of the school year already and the girls are still going strong. Their excitement for school has not wavered and the growth we've seen in both of them has been tremendous.

What a blessing. Thank you, Lord!

They're digging in their heels even more this semester and each of them have set their sites on their own goals they'd like to meet. We have no doubt they will achieve them!

So very proud of you, girls!

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