17 January 2016

The Living Desert

 Zachary's first time at the zoo.

 A full grown Burrowing Owl.

Discovering with daddy.

 Animal show.


 He loved playing the African drums.

 My two birdies.

 Brushing the goat.

 Learning to pet gently.

 Butterfly Exhibit.

Roar! :)

 Cactus slide.


We hadn't been to the Living Desert in years but we figured it was about time to renew our membership now that Zach's getting bigger. It was a fantastic cool morning to walk around and explore our local zoo. There was something for the girls as well as for the babe.

His favorite was the Discovery Center where he could touch everything as well as just walk around, explore, and play with dirt. The girls have always enjoyed the butterflies.

We'll be back!

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