19 January 2016

Honoring Dad in Oak Glen

Snow on the ground!

Can these two be any cuter?

Morgan tries out the antique plow.

Sweet boy!


Mama and her man cub.

Fun with sissy.

Halmoni and Gomo.

Even Halmoni played soccer.

Uncle Rich and his two little rascals.

Cutie pie.

Fun and games with the cousins.

We met up in Oak Glen to honor my dad on what would have been his 74th birthday. He loved this place. He loved picnicking, eating barbeque, and just being out in the fresh mountain air. Most of all, he loved being with his family and playing with his grandchildren.

I miss seeing the twinkle in his eye and the wide smile on his face whenever the kids were around. I miss his mere presence and his care over mom.

Here, up in the mountains, we can feel you with us. You're watching as the kids play and in many ways, you're still taking care of mom. You've taught me that sorrow is only really sad when nothing good comes from it. Although we miss you every day, we're so grateful that our family has grown closer and more tender since you've been gone.

Many years ago, you brought us all here to these mountains. Time after time, we keep coming back... to play, picnic, and to make new memories but also to honor, remember, and to wait...until we can see you again.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

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