01 May 2015

One Step Closer

Grace's Mani Pedi 005

This week, I took Grace to the nail salon where she received her first ever manicure and pedicure. This day came faster than I anticipated. It’s not that I had a set date (or age) in mind for this. I just knew that I wanted it to be special. She’s never had her nails painted before and although her dad and I have been pretty strict on keeping our little girls little for as long as possible, I also believe that nail polish is not the reason why girls grow up fast these days.

Therefore, this isn’t meant to sound legalistic but rather for us, it was just a preference to be intentional in the timing.

Anyhow, this visit to the nail salon was a reward for some issues we had discussed with her a couple of weeks prior.

Besides, the girl desperately needed a mani/pedi. :))

Grace's Mani Pedi 007

As I sat there watching her, she embodied all the joy that comes with being a sweet young girl. She’s my dreamer--very pure and simple in nature. She’s obedient and generally does things with a joyful heart so to see her enjoy this moment was a such sweet sweet blessing to me! It was almost as if she was growing up right in front of my eyes.

It didn’t help that the song I heard playing at the salon was Christina Perri’s, “A Thousand Years.”

I know it sounds silly but watching Grace enjoy each new exciting moment and listening to the lyrics of that song made me get all emotional and teary-eyed. Ok, I was a blubbering mess! It was as if God was giving me a glimpse into her future. You see, Grace has always wanted to be married ever since she was very little.

4th Birthday Party 005

She’s dreamed of her wedding day for as long as I can remember and often talks about it with such warmth and enthusiasm.

In fact, I’m often having to bring her back to reality. However, as I sat there watching her, I imagined us sharing this same moment together right before her wedding day.

The look in her eyes, the joy in heart, and the pure sense of gratefulness, anticipation, and bliss.

Oh, Lord. Let it be so, according to Your will! Bring her godly friends to surround her and one day, a godly man to gently lead her, fiercely love her, and be devoted in taking good care of her.

I’m so very blessed to be Grace’s mom. She has so many qualities that I don’t have and she’s always teaching me more about the things that matter most in life.

With each day that passes now, she’s one step closer to becoming a young woman and I can’t wait to see how the Lord uses her to bless the lives of others.

Grace's Mani Pedi 013

You’re a treasure to our family, Grace and I love you with all my heart!


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