12 May 2015

Mother’s Day Weekend Badgers Race

Badgers Race 026

Grandma came out to watch her boys race for the day.


Badgers Race 009

My sweet but tough little guy.


Badgers Race 017

Cousins having fun in the back of the toy hauler.


Badgers Race 019

Smothered in kisses by his 3 favorite girls.


Badgers Race 023

Extra cuddles from Grandma.


Badgers Race 029

Almost go time.


Badgers Race 032

And, they’re off!


Badgers Race 034

Most importantly, they’re back in one piece! :-)


Badgers Race 037

Yay, daddy! He took 2nd in his class.


Badgers Race 053

Uncle Ben raced TWO races and also took 2nd both times in his respective class. Way to go!


Badgers Race 049

Vantage point and cheering section.


Badgers Race 044

Tickles from Grandma.


Badgers Race 013

Grace got in some riding of her own.


Badgers Race 057

Faith enjoyed the freedom of the open desert.

Last year, at this very race, Morgan crashed and broke his collar bone so we were quite thrilled that he was able to complete the race this time, without injury. You gotta hand it to the guy. He’s got tenacity and determination!

We thank the good Lord for his protection.

Grandma, who hasn’t seen the boys race since they were teenagers, came out to join in the festivities for the day. 

The best Mother’s day gift for her was that the guys made it back safely. :))

Praise the Lord for another fun and successful weekend of family racing and riding!

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