16 February 2015

Date Festival Vocal Competition

photo 2 (10)

This weekend, Grace competed in her second vocal competition at the National Date Festival where she won 2nd place! We couldn’t be more proud of her. Not because she won a prize but because of how she handled herself and did her very best. Especially under all that pressure! Although she gets nervous before a performance, she always seems to be able to compose herself and deliver a poised and polished performance.

To us, she’s a winner every time!  


Vocal Comp 009

Now, on to enjoy the FAIR!!


photo 1 (13)

This is such a fun picture! (Never mind that it looks like there aren’t any seat belts. Yikes!!) Gotta love the local fair!

A trophy, ribbon, and a cash prize… followed by a fun day at the fair with her best sister…

I’d say it was one FANTASTIC day in the life of an 8 year old. :)

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