28 December 2014

Post Christmas Hike

Hike 001A


Hike 002A


Hike 005A


Hike 009A


Hike 012A

The girls like to go on ahead of us on the trail. It’s cute. They hold hands, encourage one another and “chitter-chatter” as they call it. I hope they always make time to do that! 


Hike 013A


Hike 017A

Zachary took his first hike up the bump-n-grind the day after Christmas. He seemed to enjoy it since he loves to be outdoors.  The girls thought the hike was pretty easy so we’re going to have to challenge them a bit more by going further in the future. We’ll see if mom and dad (and Zach) can keep up!

Here’s to a healthy, active and happy New Year!

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